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Progress at a glance
  • 02-09-1917: Registered as Aikya Nanaaya Sangham
  • 22-09-1917: Commenced its activities
  • 01-09-1937: Converted as urban bank
  • 16-03-1963: Registered as service bank
  • 01-04-1964: Started functioning
  • 01-01-1970: Rewarded as class III bank
  • 23-11-1979: Upgraded as class II bank
  • 01-01-1985: Upgraded as class I bank
  • 01-07-1998: Upgraded as class I special grade
  • 30-03-2014: upgraded as class super grade bank

  • 23-10-1984 : Started new branch at Chettippadi
  • 15-05-1994 : Started new Branch at Mundiyankavu
  • 21-02-2001 : Started new Branch at Palathingal
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  • 01-06-2002 : Started new Branch at Chiramangalam
  • 06-09-2004 : Started Evening Branch
  • 10-08-2018 : Started Holiday Branch at Putharikkal