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The more generous we are the more joyful we become. The more co operative we are the more valuable we become. The more plateful we are the more prosperous we become. This is what we strive to turn out to be and maintain as our key professional principle throughout our journey. Ours is a co-operative institution which plays its role in the traditional, welfare of society including women and educational sector, money lending, and various sectors where common people requires services equally.

Our co-operative conservation approaches get people sit down and grapple with problem solving.  Parappanangadi co-operative bank is one of the oldest and traditional banks in Malappuram district that has been registered and commenced under the Madras co-operative act in 1917 and upgraded as the class one bank in 1917. Later in 2001 it is being granted as ‘A’ class bank proving its continuous growth in financial and service sector in this competitive market.

Since its inception, it has shown positive growth in all the years. The bank distributed the profit percentage up to 20% to the customers. The systems and procedures were updated according to the customer requirements and market demands.  The trust of years is the main key to our growth and success.


The beginning of the co-operative movement in the Kerala state dates back to early 20th century. Co-operative societies came into reality among the rural areas of Kerala. This was meant to establish co operative credit societies to encourage thrift, self –help and co-operation among agriculturist, artisans and persons of limited means.

Parappanangadi co-operative bank is amid the institution that is being shaped due to the hard work and cooperative frame of mind of our ancestors focusing on the potential viability of such a financial entity. Parappanangadi co-operative bank is one of the oldest and traditional banks in Malappuram district.

During the days of British India, as a part of madras province, there formed this financial entity in Neduva village, Ernad taluk that comes under Malabar region and it was under the madras act in  02-09-1917 which was registered as “Aikya Nanya Sangham” and came into actions in 22-9-1917.

The main aim of our bank was to ensure credit service to farmers at low rate of interest. We provided loan facilities for agriculture, and helping for marketing the crops cultivated directly or indirectly from farmers as our primary service during the start up days.  Later on 01-09-1937 The bank was reformed in the name as Parappanangadi Urban Co-operative Bank. This paved way for providing ration facility to the needed. Agriculture sector was the main focus of our institution and as a part of it we sponsor the Parappanad farmers club. Due to their hard work and pledge, they were honored the best performer award of NABARD.

It’s in 1964 the bank became completely a service entity as we see yet. In 2008 all the un-payable loans were discarded according to the central governments act (ADW &DRS-2008).

Among the two rural community premises that come under the bank, one is a coastal area. Hence majority of the members in this body of our bank is from fishermen.

It was in 19990 the bank attained a profitable growth in the financial sector due the rise in NRI fund during those time period. Apart from this section, we have branches in Chettippadi, Mundiyamkkavu, Paalathingal, Chiramangalam etc.   We are giving 25% of profitable dividend since 2011-12 accordingly to the members. We have successfully completed 100 years of service in 2017 and as a part our silver jubilee celebration we came forward with a mission for cancer patients and dialysis patients to be a helping hand. We also have a common well being fund for schools, hospitals, public places, drinking water facilities, ill persons etc. we are thankful to our former committee members for their guidance and efforts to bring this financial institution to such heights and prestige.

Public welfare fund:

  • Providing funds for schools, anganvaadis, hospitals in coastal areas for constructing primary needs.
  • Providing drinking water facilities
  • Helping sick peoples for their treatments
  • Financial assistance for social welfare activities under clubs and welfare committees
  • Providing flood relief funds and helping to reconstruct the lives of the victims.


Value services:

  • PSCB is being functioning profitably since 1994 and it continues its voyage showing the graph of growth in a mounting way. We are holding a working capital of Rs. 17768 lakhs and a share capital of Rs.202lakhs.
  • We can proudly point out that we own an investment of Rs. 12109. The interest rate on loans that we provide is affordable for each and every common person.
  • We provide up to 25%loan facility and gold loan facility up to Rs.98400 with a number of pay back periods.
  • The interest rate for gold loan is 10% and 8% for’ Ashwas gold’.
  • We come across a policy of 25%profit sharing facility among our members.
  • The Inter Bank Linking facility between the main branch and evening branch helps the customers to make transaction up to 8 PM in the night.
  • SB and current account holders can pay their telephone bills without even coming to the branch as we are into online transactions.
  • IVRS facility helps the customers to check the account balance through phone.
  • We also have core banking facility, online money transaction facility and RTGS/NEFT.
  • We are happy to announce our holiday branch facility that is being introduced for the convienenience of common people.
  • We offer our service on even Sundays by taking off on Fridays including all holidays.
  • Cutomer friendly
  • Providing loan for kudumbasree units till 50,000RS/- personal loans
  • Self employment schames for kudumbasree members
  • 10%rebate for timely payback loan holders